Shipping and Taxes

This website is used as relay of information, between our customers and D&S to help facilitate the request to order products.

For the customer, it offers a visual identification of products that are available to request, with the details of price, description and some organization to help facilitate their search. For the D&S PARTS Team, they are provided with the correct customer details, part numbers, quantities and shipping methods requested.


We need to emphasize that completing the checkout process on the website does not complete an order. It is a request submitted with your intent to order, but does not constitute a valid PO or invoice.


You will receive four (4) emails, two (2) are from the website and two (2) are from D&S.

Your DS Car Wash Parts Catalog Request to Order Confirmation (#).

This is the confirmation that your website checkout process has been completed and that your request has been submitted to the PARTS Team at D&S.

Because the website is non-transactional, the values represented for Shipping and Sales Taxes are not calculated and are presented with a value of $0.00. These values will be added on the invoice.

A good rule of thumb for Sales Tax is a 7.5% rate. Shipping costs vary widely, that said, D&S is committed to leveraging our shipping rates through our 3PL (Third Party Logistic) to achieve best-in-class outcomes for our customer base.

Please note the disclaimer: The information represented herein does not constitute an actual order with D&S. This is a request to place an order with D&S and will be transmitted to the D&S Parts Team for final verification of price, availability, shipping cost and tax. Price and availability subject to change.


Your DS Car Wash Parts Catalog Order Has Been Updated (#).

This is the confirmation that your request has been received by the D&S PARTS Team and is in the process of being converted to an order.


Order Acknowledgement.

This is confirmation that your request has been converted to an order. Our PARTS Team has verified the availability, quantity and price of the items requested. Because of availability and price changes, some of the information here may be different from the first email you received from the website.



This is the final communication from D&S that your order is ready to be shipped or picked up. Shipping and/or Taxes have been applied to your order and this is the final amount that you will be billed by D&S. If a part is on back order and the shipment has been broken into parts because of this, you will receive additional invoices as those parts become available.