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This site is provided to our Distributors and their customers to search our Catalog of Parts and Ancillary Products for verification of an items D&S Part Number and Name. Most products include an image for easier identification.

To obtain price and stock availability information: 

Contact D&S Parts Order Team


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Enter items and quantities in a cart on this site and complete the checkout process. This will transmit the information to our Parts Team to confirm price and availability. You will receive an email with the details of your cart submission.

NOTE: This website is non-transactional. Entering items and transmitting a cart does NOT constitute an actual order with D&S. To do so, Distributors must use current Order Placement procedures bound by the D&S Terms and Conditions contained within the D&S Car Wash Sales of Goods Terms available on the D&S Website or located on D&S Invoices. Carts submitted from parties other than authorized D&S Distributors will be referred to the assigned Distributor for their area.

NOTE: We will put forth best effort to maintain the prices displayed on this website but will not be liable for or beholden to any monetary value displayed. Final price and availability will be determined at the time of order entry by a member of the Parts Team. Prices displayed are retail unless an account on the website is created and that account is provided a discount. If applicable, prices will be displayed at your discount.